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Child Seat Safety

Child seat safety tips from Autos Online Napa AutoCare Center
How to Make Sure Your Car Seat is Keeping Your Child Safe Did you know that almost 80% of children are improperly restrained in vehicles according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (nhtsa)? Some of the most common mistakes parents make when restraining children in their cars include:

The good news is that these mistakes are avoidable. Careful attention to your child’s safety needs and your child seat’s manufacturer instructions can help you ensure that your child is as safe as can be.

Here are some tips for properly using your child seat: Proper Placement of Your Child Seat

Most people know that child safety seats must never be placed in the front seat or in front of activated airbags, but did you know that there are other positioning concerns that could jeopardize your child’s safety?

Child seats come in two basic types: front-facing and rear facing. Typically, rear-facing seats are used for young children under the age of 1 or weighing less than 20 pounds.

If you are using a rear-facing seat for your child, make sure to never place the seat face forward. This can lessen the seat’s stability and security.

Another positioning concern involves the angle of the seat. Manufacturers will have different specifications for the angle at which a rear-facing child seat should be placed (usually around 45 degrees). Place the seat at an improper angle, and the seat can again become unstable.

Follow these basic instructions and be sure always to read the manufacturer’s instructions that come with your seat, and you can help ensure a safe ride for your child.

If you need more information about child safety seats and proper installation, visit for information on state child passenger laws and child safety seat inspection locations.